Can your installers grind or level the sub floor?

Yes, our installers check the “flatness” of the subfloor to be sure it passes the specification of the product. Unfortunately, we cannot quote the cost to flatten a subfloor until all existing flooring has been removed. Most of the time this does include an added cost to the quote given originally for installation.

What is the turnaround for installation? How long does an install typically take?

We can typically schedule an install 48 hours after a product has been received, either to our warehouse or customer’s home. This can be 48 hours after purchase or in some cases 14 days (depending on where the product is being shipped from). The time it takes to complete an install always varies on the additional work needed. For example, large carpet jobs could be finished in a day, but if installers have to move furniture, we may require a second day.

Can your installers move furniture?

We can quote to move basic furniture. There are limits to what installers can do. These include, but not limited to, disassembly (if screw or bolts are required) of furniture, electronics (including beds, i.e. medical), safes, pool tables, or any glass items. We advise customers to also have all personal and hard-to replace items (antiques or souvenirs) out of the areas to be installed.

Do you offer a warranty with your work?

Yes, we offer a two-year installation warranty on jobs our installers do from start to finish. We check moisture level, flatness, conditions around the home and correctly install the product, to manufacturer’s specifications, so any warranty on the product is also upheld (if applicable).

Do your installers paint baseboards after removal?

No, our installers do not paint baseboards. After removal, if they can still be used, we offer customers a chance to paint them while they are off. Freshly painted bases will still need to be touched up after they are re-installed. Nail holes are filled with white caulk that may not match the color of the base. We also offer new trim installation (labor and materials) if needed.

What vendors (flooring brands) do you work with?

  • Mohawk
  • Moxie distribution
  • Shaw flooring
  • Monterey Tile
  • Mapei
  • Phenix Carpet