Area Rug Binding

Custom area rug binding

A custom area rug is made to order based on size and design preferences. Custom area rugs are crafted to fit the size and shape specifications provided by the customer. Unlike generic store pre-made rugs, this creates an overall better-quality piece for your room.

Creating a custom area rug involves some key aspects of custom area rugs:

Overall design

With a custom area rug, you can choose a design that aligns with your style and complements your living room decor. We offer a wide range selection of carpets to choose from. Custom area rugs allow you to select the material, color, and texture that best suits your preferences and requirements. Also, you can choose a color that coordinates with your room's color scheme or serves as a statement piece.


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Size and shape

Custom area rugs can be tailored to fit the exact dimensions needed for a living room, bedroom, RV, or other area. Larger carpets or even carpet remnants can be cut to a smaller size before being bound.

Finishing and binding

Binding can encompass all sides or specific sides of a custom area rug. This customization allows a better fit for the custom area rug if placed in a fitted area.

Area Rug Binding available in Chandler, AZ from Mesa Sales and Supply

Custom area rugs allow you to create a unique, personalized rug that perfectly fits your space and design vision. However, the customization process may involve additional costs and longer lead times compared to purchasing a pre-made rug. Please get in touch with us for any questions you have regarding area rugs!